“Dbeibah is a serious danger to Libya,” an LPDF member warns

“Dbeibah is a serious danger to Libya,” an LPDF member warns

Member of the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum, Ahmed al-Sharkasi, warned of Abdel Hamid al-Dabiba, the outgoing head of the national unity government, describing him as a “serious danger to Libya.”

“If we look at the institutional division today, we will see that those behind it are the local bodies, the House of Representatives and the Council of State, which are prolonging the crisis,” Al-Sharkasi said in a statement.

“However, the important and essential factor that owns the money and the authority is Dbeibah, who assumed the presidency and pledged not to run, then violated that and ran and used the state’s resources for electoral propaganda,” he added.

“Dbeibah violated the road map by making a deal with the Turks to stay in power, then gave up the share of the Waha Oil Company to try to get support from the French, before he handed over a brigadier general in foreign security to try to flirt with the Americans.” The Benghazian activist explained.

Sharkasi pointed out that Dbeibah “appointed a militiaman as the head of the Ministry of Interior to gain the militia’s loyalty, and today he is manipulating people’s salaries, which resulted in the inability of the Central Bank of Libya to transfer salaries.”

“This man is a very serious danger to the state, its entity, and its capabilities, the miserable legislative bodies are corrupt and rejected, but this thief is a million times more dangerous than these institutions,” concluded Sharkasi.