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Who We Are

The Libya Update is a Libyan website that provides political, security, economic, cultural, and sports news of Libya in English language.

From its headquarters in Benghazi, the second largest city in Libya, The Libya Update team publishes every day all the news that comes through a network of active sources in the cities of Tripoli, Benghazi, Misrata, Tobruk, Zawiya, Sebha, and most of the country. It aims at a later stage to launch a version of its website in French, and Spanish.


At The Libya Update, we strive to maintain the highest standards of editorial integrity across every piece of content that we publish. Our Managing Editor, content leads and journalists work in a system where there are defined layers of checks and balances. This ensures that all information passes through multiple sets of eyes, and that readers get the latest Libyan news in an unbiased and unadulterated form.

Our Editorial Process

  1. Our content team validates the authenticity of a news story or headline before delegating it to a journalist.
  2. The journalist submits the first draft of the story.
  3. A thorough fact-check and clean-up is done by a member of the editorial team, and the article is sent back to the journalist if there are any major changes required.
  4. The journalist submits the second draft of the story with the corrections made.
  5. A second editor takes up the draft, and conducts further hygiene checks.
  6. The article is published if it meets the editorial standards.
  7. The published article is reviewed by a member of the Content Improvement Team, to iron out any errors that may have been missed by the first two editors.
  8. A fortnightly audit of published articles is jointly conducted by the editorial and content management teams.

Our team

Mahmud El-Forjani


Faraj Aljarih


Hanan Abualqasim


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