Ethics Policy

As journalists, we seek the truth and strive to present a responsible and fair glimpse of the world. Our news website is our powerful vehicle, and we endeavor to face the public with respect and candor.

Transparency is won through accuracy, compassion, intellectual honesty and an introspective mission to convey complete, contextual views of our world. When we are transparent, we conduct our professional lives as if all our colleagues and our readers are watching over our shoulders.

Our goal is to begin and end each day with a primary obligation to the public’s right to know.

Our aim is to deliver the facts with precision and context. We believe in getting not only both sides, but “all” sides.

The Libya Update expects the information in its pages to be accurately attributed. Anonymous sources are a last resort. In the public interest, however, anonymous sourcing can be a vital tool to exposing hidden truths while protecting those who may be harmed for reporting them.

When an anonymous source is used, a reason, if possible, should be cited in the story for protecting the source’s identity (fear of job loss, fear for safety, etc.).

The words of our sources and the people we cover must never be altered. Quote marks are intended to bracket the true voices and exact words of people.

Attribution is crucial. Proper credit is necessary if we can’t independently verify the information.

All writing and reporting in The Libya Update must be original or credited to the proper source.

Stories should not be shown to sources or people outside the newsroom prior to publication.