Thursday, January 27, 2022

Dbeibeh’s deputy accuses him of violating peace deal

Dbeibeh’s deputy accuses him of violating peace deal

Deputy Prime Minister Hussein Al-Qatrani concluded today a meeting with Cyrenaica-based government officials, after which, a joint statement was issued accusing Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibeh of violating the Libyan political agreement and the Geneva ceasefire deal.

“The government’s presidency did not abide by the terms of the political agreement, the Geneva outcomes, and the governing principles of the [peace] roadmap,” reads the joint statement of Al-Qatrani and Cyrenaica officials.

“There are decisions issued to infringe on the competence of some ministers specified by law,” reads the statement. “The government’s presidency did not commit to defining the competencies of the deputy prime ministers, which contributed to strengthening centralization”.

The Cyrenaica officials deplored Dbeibeh’s reluctance to nominate a defense minister and keeping the post to himself. The officials also threaten using “measures of escalation” if the aforementioned issues were not addressed.

This notably comes after another member of Dbeibeh’s government voiced serious allegations against the Libya premier.

Deputy Interior Minister Faraj Qaim has claimed Dbeibeh is seeking to thwart the December elections, and employing questionable policies.

Deputy Interior Minister accuses Dbeibeh of elections sabotage