EU kicks-off Sahel conference in Tunisia

EU kicks-off Sahel conference in Tunisia

The fight against illegal migration, terrorism and organized crime were at the center of talks for the first day of Sahel conference held on Tuesday in Tunisia with participation from the European Union, Libya, Algeria, Niger, Chad, Sudan and Egypt.

Organized by Emanuela Del Re, EU Special Representative for the Sahel, in collaboration with the European Union Assistance Mission at the Borders in Libya (EUBAM), the conference aims to “better understand the dynamics that develop along the borders, but above all to try to favor and promote cooperation between all the states of the Sahel and Libya”, Del Re explained to Italian news agency Nova on the sidelines of the conference. 

“Libya is absolutely central to all the dynamics and the countries of the Sahel are equally protagonists,” she added.

Deputy Chairman of Libya’s Presidential Council, Mussa Al-Koni, was the one leading the Libyan delegation at the conference. During the conference, he stressed upon the need to share “obligations to solve problems related to border security” and  “developing border communities,” according to a statement by the council.