G7 leaders call for Libya elections by end of the year

G7 leaders call for Libya elections by end of the year

The leaders of G7 nations called on Libya to hold presidential elections by the end of this year, working with the African Union, Arab League and United Nations toward the long-delayed goal.

“We urge all Libyan stakeholders to work constructively on the political process,” said a G7 communique issued at the completion of talks in Hiroshima on Saturday. The communique focused on democratic norms and security concerns on the African continent, as well as broader issues of food security, climate challenge, China and the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

“We are seriously concerned about the growing presence of the Russia-affiliated Wagner Group forces on the continent and their destabilizing impact and human rights abuses,” the G7 said on security. “Keeping in mind the situations in West Africa and the Sahel, the Horn of Africa, and the Great Lakes regions, we will work together to support African-led efforts on peace, stability and prosperity on the continent.”

Among the concerns is March 23 Movement armed group activity in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, with the G7 appealing to M23 to withdraw from all territories currently under its control, as well as the renewed conflict in Sudan.

Turning to Tunisia, the G7 leaders appealed to President Kais Saied to reach an agreement with the International Monetary Fund in order to address the North African nation’s economic crisis. The G7 also said they had exceeded last year’s joint commitment of US$14 billion toward global food security but would continue to provide assistance due to the extraordinary need in places including the Horn of Africa.

The G7 said it will continue to hold the G20 Compact with Africa, launched in 2017 under German leadership, as a “key framework to enhance the business environment.”