MP: Libyans’ agreement in Cairo formed “guidelines that need mechanisms of action”

MP: Libyans’ agreement in Cairo formed “guidelines that need mechanisms of action”

The Libyan Parliament Member, Abdulsalam Nassiya, said the Cairo agreement between the Parliament Speaker, Aguila Saleh, and the High Council of State Head, Khaled al-Mishri, formed “guidelines that need specific mechanisms of action.”

In a statement, Nassiya welcomed any steps towards holding elections and a way out of the political, economic and social crisis.

The MP stated that presenting the draft constitutional rule to the two houses without agreeing on the mechanism of consensus on the different opinions resulting from the discussion of the two houses may lead to delay or stumbling in its issuance.

He explained that the road map also needs mechanisms to discuss and agree on it, especially since the statement identified its general paths in electoral laws, the executive authority and sovereign positions, which are important and sensitive paths.

Nassiya continued that it is noticeable that the UN mission was not a party to this meeting or agreement, which may make matters difficult, and confirms the continued regional and international incompatibility on Libya.

Nassiya expressed his hope that what has been reached will be built on by setting clear and transparent implementation mechanisms and addressing regional and international consensus on it as quickly as possible.