UN urges “maximum restraint” after clashes in Janzour

UN urges “maximum restraint” after clashes in Janzour

The United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) expressed on Monday its “serious concern” about armed clashes that took place between armed groups  yesterday in Janzour area, a densely populated neighbourhood in Tripoli.

The U.N. Mission urged all parties to “exercise maximum restraint” and to “use dialogue to resolve contentious issues”.

“The current mobilization of forces affiliated with different armed groups creates tensions and increases the risk of clashes that could spiral into armed conflict,” UNSMIL pointed out.

“Such incidents highlight again the urgent need to address the proliferation and use of weapons outside the control of the state,” the U.N. added. “The Mission calls on all Libyan actors to maintain calm on the ground at this critical juncture in the country.”