2171 new COVID cases in Libya and 22 deaths
Photo Credit To Health Ministry

2171 new COVID cases in Libya and 22 deaths

The National Center for Disease Control in Libya announced that it had recorded 2,171 new cases with COVID-19, 22 deaths, and 616 cases of recovery in the last twenty-four hours.

The total number of cases recorded in the country reached 229,604, of which 185,468 have recovered, while 3344 cases have died. The number of active cases currently reached 40,792, a number that has doubled twice in the past few days.

Libya is witnessing a record rise in the number of people infected with Covid-19, especially in the cities of Misurata and Tripoli, where positive cases exceeded more than 60 percent of the samples tested.

On the other hand, isolation centers in Tripoli and Misurata suffer a shortage of oxygen supplies and a lack of medical personnel.

The Ministry of Higher Education had also announced the continuation of the suspension of university studies in the country due to the deteriorating epidemiological situation. The municipalities for their part have tightened precautionary measures in light of the small number of vaccines supplied by the Ministry of Health, as only 490,000 citizens and residents of the country, who are close to seven million, were vaccinated.