Bashagha announces recovery roadmap for elections and power transition

Bashagha announces recovery roadmap for elections and power transition

Libya’s Prime Minister-designate, Fathi Bashagha, announced on Monday a proposal, which aims to achieve elections, security and economic recovery.

The 8-point proposal, which Bashagha described as ‘Roadmap to Recovery’, came after the U.N. revealed that the political talks between the House of Representatives and High Council of States have failed.

Bashagha’s plan advocates for improving basic services such as water and electricity for ordinary Libyans. It also called for governmental transparency especially during the electoral process. The plan also urges fiscal accountability through adopting budget laws to “end wasteful spending”.

The premier seeks to promote youth empowerment and participation in the elections, stabilization of oil production, fighting corruption, and cooperation with international stakeholders.

To achieve his plan, Bashagha pledged to hold presidential and legislative elections “as soon as possible”. He pledge to hand over power to the a democratically elected authority.

Bashagha said he will form an “independent commission” led by a “new chief coordinator for voting and elections”. He revealed that the commission will operate from Sirte, where his government is based, to “fully develop technical requirements, the timeline and steps necessary for the execution [of] the Roadmap to Recovery and ultimately free and fair elections”