Borrell: Libya elections necessary for legitimacy

Borrell: Libya elections necessary for legitimacy

“‘I believe that the elections in Libya are necessary,” said Josep Borrell, the E.U. Representatives for Foreign Affairs, while speaking yesterday at the conference of Med Dialogues promoted by the Italian foreign ministry in Rome.

“It is clear that it will not be a magic bullet for us to solve problems, but it still leads to legitimacy and we need a legitimate interlocutor through the elections,” he added.

The elections will be difficult, “in a country so divided between east and west, but they are needed,” continued Borrell.

“Otherwise, how could we divide the resources? how do we manage the country? Just starting with awareness of these difficulties, it is right that the elections take place,” affirmed the EU official.

“We are ready to send observers to the country. Of course there is always the possibility that they can be postponed, but it will not be possible to do so forever,” he concluded.