EU, UNDP and Tatweer Research announce launch of startup accelerator

EU, UNDP and Tatweer Research announce launch of startup accelerator

Tatweer Research, a Libyan company specializes in research and development, announced on Saturday the launch of TEC+, a startup accelerator sponsored by the European Union and the United Nation Development Programme (UNDP).

The first launching ceremony took place in Tripoli last Wednesday with similar events planned for Benghazi and Sabha, according to Tatweer Research. Representatives of UNDP and the Tripoli-based Ministry of Local Governance attended the ceremony in the capital.

According to a statement by the E.U. Mission in Libya, TEC+ aims to train owners of existing startups for a period of eight weeks. Afterwards, a selected group of startups who successfully complete the training will be granted funding to support their growth.

Tameem Addeeb, the Manager of TEC+ Accelerator, explained that this program is different from previous ones launched by Tatweer Research in support of Libyan entrepreneurs.

“Previously, we were interested more in people with ideas and start-ups in its early stage, but in this project, we’re targeting owners of existing start-ups,” Addeeb said in a promotional video published by Tatweer Research.

“We will offer them everything they need in order to expand. We will offer them knowledge and financial support,” he added.

“Our program will be distributed across three cities: Tripoli, Sabha and Benghazi,” said Addeeb.

As for the application requirements, Addeeb explained that those eligible to join TEC+ accelerator are anyone who “own a start-up, which has been established more than a year ago, and has the potential for growth and expansion with multiple staff members.”

According to the E.U., TEC+ accelerator was established as one of its ongoing activities to strengthen local capabilities in support of economic recovery in Libya. It is aimed at “improving the quality of services provided to the population in addition to supporting stability in local communities and advancing their economy,” as per the statement of the E.U. Mission in Libya.