Maghreb Union invites member states to hold meeting on Libya

Maghreb Union invites member states to hold meeting on Libya

The Secretary-General of the Arab Maghreb Union, Tayeb Bakouche, confirmed that the General Secretariat of the Union is closely following up on the situation in Libya, noting that the situation that has deteriorated recently is a cause for great concern.

Bakouche said in a statement: “Whenever the feeling of closeness to the solution prevails, there are events that take the situation backward, politically, security and socially, as if there are parties from inside and outside that do not want the solution and are working to abort it.”

He explained that the dangerous events taking place in Libya, “make us more convinced of the feasibility of the initiative that we took on June 27, 2022, to write to the five Maghreb countries in order to hold a Maghreb meeting to discuss a political solution to the Libyan crisis, under pure Maghreb supervision, because of the dire consequences of this crisis on the Libyan people and the peoples of the entire Maghreb region.

The Secretary-General expressed his hope that a political solution would be crowned by the organization of transparent elections that unite the Libyan people and their political and security authority, under Maghreb supervision and guarantee, imposed by the common history and cultural heritage.

Bakouche affirmed that the General Secretariat is fully prepared to make this initiative a success, which he hoped would speed up the implementation of “our proposal regarding preventing bloodshed and excluding the specter of further deepening crises and blocking horizons.”