UN official, LPDF members discuss Libya political stalemate
Photo Credit To UNSMIL

UN official, LPDF members discuss Libya political stalemate

Acting Head of UN Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) Raisedon Zenenga received Tuesday a group of Libyan Political Dialoge Forum (LPDF) members including Lamees Bin Saad, Khadija Abdulali, Ali Abdulaziz and Fayeq Dannah.
LPDF members came to UNSMIL to share their ideas on how to overcome the current political stalemate and reach a political settlement that takes Libya to national elections, according to UNSMIL.
They expressed concern about the tense security situation resulting from the prolonged political stalemate, UNSMIL tweeted.
Zenenga reiterated that putting the electoral process back on track should be the priority as demanded by the 2.8 million voters who registered to vote in December 2021, it added.
He thanked them for their continuing efforts to explore options for creating a pathway to the elections, and assured them that the Mission will consider their proposals together with those received from other Libyan actors.