Monday, September 27, 2021

5+5 plan to reopen Coastal Road on Friday, sources

5+5 plan to reopen Coastal Road on Friday, sources

Informed sources reported that the Joint Military Committee 5+5 seeks to reopen the Voastal Road linking Cyrenaica and western Libya on Friday.

The source stated that the reopening of the Coastal Road will be after a session to be held by the Committee in Sirte, which was the seat of the committee’s sessions during the past two days.

“There are still files on the table that need follow-up and implementation by the 5+5 Committee, most notably the file of the exchange of detainees, and missing persons, and the file of the expulsion of mercenaries and foreign forces from Libya,” the source indicated.

The 5+5 JMC is made up of representatives of the Libyan National Army and forces active in western Libya, under the auspices of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya to strengthen the ceasefire agreement signed in 2020 between the two parties.