Erdogan: Turkey plans to begin drilling Libyan waters for oil, gas

Erdogan: Turkey plans to begin drilling Libyan waters for oil, gas

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that “Turkey will begin oil and gas explorations in Libyan waters after the recent agreement with the [Dbeibah] Government of National Unity.

Erdogan rejected criticism from the European Union and within Libya for seeking to expand energy cooperation with one of the country’s two rival administrations, Bloomberg reported.

Erdogan said in Ankara late on Monday after a cabinet meeting, “We’ve started to work with Azerbaijan to double the capacity of Tanap, which is of critical importance,” adding, “The hydrocarbon agreement with Libya has created a new area of cooperation in the field of oil and petroleum products production in the continental part of this country.”

Earlier this month, the  Tripoli-based Government of National Unity signed a memorandum of understanding with Turkey on the exploitation of Libyan hydrocarbons.

The deal sparked strong opposition from Greece and Egypt and criticism from the European Union.

The memorandum of understanding is in fact based on the agreement for the demarcation of maritime borders signed in November 2019 in Istanbul by the former Libyan government andTurkey, which violates the maritime rights of third countries such as Greece and Egypt.

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