Kubis: Only legitimate government in Libya is led by Dbeibeh

Kubis: Only legitimate government in Libya is led by Dbeibeh

A new government in Libya can only be declared after holding elections and with the will of the people, former United Nations Special Envoy Jan Kubis said amid power rivalry between Abdul Hamid Dbeibeh, who was ousted by parliament, and his successor Fathi Bashagha.

“From my perspective, there is only one government in Libya, that is the government led by Mr. Dbeibah,” Kubis told pro-Turkish government new website Daily Sabah in a rare interview.

The former U.N. special envoy resigned last year on November 23 after 10 months in the job, and only a month before the failed elections in Libya were supposed to take place on December 24. Many Libyan affairs analysts have cited his sudden departure, which was for health reasons as per his resignation statement, as one the reasons behind why the elections collapsed.

“That is the government that was internationally recognized, that took part in many international events and meetings and that was endorsed and obliged to do something for the country at different conferences including the Paris conference,” Kubis underlined.

“All the participants at the Paris conference were very clear – a new government will come after elections in the country and will be the result of a legitimate process,” Kubis highlighted.

“That is the line that I take, as endorsed by the whole international community, including the United Nations, European Union, including leading countries and including Turkey, which was there,” he explained

“Two governments means conflict, chaos and works against the interests of Libya and works against the interests of having the elections as the only way that can bring a government through a legitimate process based on the votes of the people, empowered by the people,” Kubis continued.

“The Paris conference that represented a consensus of the international community at least at that point of time – and I think it is still valid – was very clear – only after elections there will be a new government,” he urged.

He indicated that all other arguments and speculations have no other utility than bringing chaos, confrontation and no solution.

“Interim government after interim government, Libya lived through this, suffered through this. It is time to stop this,” the envoy emphasized.

Saying that there are still some discussions about how to improve the legal and constitutional basis ahead of holding elections, Kubis said that elections are a must and should not be delayed further.

“Sometimes ‘the best’ is the enemy of the good. It is better to have the elections even if they are imperfect then not to have the elections and waiting endlessly for some miraculous best solution possible,” he stated.