Prime Minister launches initiative for Libyan consensus
Photo Credit To Libyan Government

Prime Minister launches initiative for Libyan consensus

The Libyan Prime Minister, Fathi Bashagha, launched on Tuesday a national initiative to promote consensus among the various Libyan parties and components.

This came during his visit today, accompanied by his two deputies, to the city of Derna in the East, according to Bashagha’s government.

In a press conference, Bashagha said that the government seeks, through this initiative, to expand the scope of communication and ensure the participation of everyone with a real and sincere desire to unify efforts and reach the stage of construction and peace.

He added that the initiative aims to communicate with political, social and military forces and achieve the desired consensus

The initiative is based on a set of principles, namely, preserving Libya’s sovereignty, preventing foreign interference, not resorting to violence, preventing armed confrontations, and respecting Libyan legitimacy and the laws and procedures resulting from legislative bodies.

It is also based on the principles of amnesty and reconciliation, the commitment not to repeat any abuses in the future, the building of security and civil institutions in accordance with international standards, and full cooperation to curb corruption.