Security Council expected to extend UNSMIL mandate on Monday

Security Council expected to extend UNSMIL mandate on Monday

The resolution to extend the mandate of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) is expected to be adopted on Monday, revealed Mona Juul, Norway’s ambassador to the UN.

Speaking during a press conference on Friday, Juul, who also serves as the council’s president, said the political tensions between Russia and the United States might have “spillover effect” on Libya. However, she said the UN diplomats “expect an agreement on mandate on Monday.

The Security Council was scheduled to vote Thursday on a draft resolution prepared by Britain to extend UNSMIL’s mission until Sept. 15, after the text was amended more than once in an attempt to overcome the disagreement on many issues, including the position on the presidential and legislative elections and the mandate granted to the UN mission.

Moscow has demanded the UN Secretary-General’s special advisor on Libya, American Stephanie Williams, be replaced. Therefore, it exercise its veto right to obstruct the adoption of the resolution and to submit an alternative draft-resolution, calling on the Secretary-General to appoint a new special envoy “without delay” and limit the mandate to three months, which prompted Britain to postpone the voting session to make room for further negotiations.