UN Coordinator Zenenga arrives in Benghazi to meet 5+5 JMC

UN Coordinator Zenenga arrives in Benghazi to meet 5+5 JMC

The U.N. Coordinator Raisedon Zenenga arrived in Benghazi on Wednesday where he met with the five Libyan National Army members of the 5+5 Joint Military Committee, the U.N. Mission said.

Zenenga wants to hear from them the reasons behind the measures announced in their 9 April statement.

The LNA representatives wanted to take drastic measures with the goal of enforcing a blockade on the government of Abdul Hamid Dbeibeh, whom they of corruption, violations of the political agreement and obstructing the committee’s work.

The committee members called for shut down oil exports, close coastal road linking the western and eastern regions of Libya, halt domestic flights between the two regions and cease all cooperation with Dbeibeh’s government.

During their meeting with Zenenga, the committee members shared their “concerns over the current situation and its impact on livelihoods in the East,” according to the U.N.

“They raised pressing and longstanding issues that are now placing the work of the 5+5 and the progress made on the security track at risk,” the U.N. added.

For his part, Zenenga stressed “the importance of avoiding escalation, resolving differences through dialogue and safeguarding the important work and achievements of the 5+5 JMC.”