UN Envoy to Libya Bathily to address Security Council during briefing on Monday

UN Envoy to Libya Bathily to address Security Council during briefing on Monday

The  Security Council will convene Monday, October 24, for an open briefing, followed by closed consultations, on the U.N. Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL), according to a statement by the council.

During the meeting, the U.N. Special Envoy to Libya Abdoulaye Bathily will brief the Council for the first time in this capacity.

The Council is also expected to vote on a resolution renewing the mission’s mandate, which expires on 31 October, in accordance with resolution 2647. A related issue is the length of the mandate, which has been contentious in the recent past. Russia made clear that it would only support a shortened mandate duration until a Special Representative had been appointed. Since a Special Representative has been appointed, an option would be to adopt a resolution extending the mandate for a 12-month duration. When renewing the mission’s mandate, Council members might consider increasing UNSMIL’s advisory capacity with additional experts on constitutional and electoral matters. Another option would be to increase the mission’s capacity in relation to economic issues and human rights.

A key issue remains the precarious security situation linked to Libya’s uncertain electoral path. A related concern for the Council will be how to foster common political ground between the two rival governments so they can agree on a constitutional framework to pave the way for Libya’s long-delayed elections. Council members could consider holding a closed Arria-formula meeting with Libyan civil society representatives to help generate ideas for promoting dialogue between the rival political factions in Libya and supporting an inclusive political process leading to elections.