War is “inevitable” if Libyan elections postponed, warns Elforjani

War is “inevitable” if Libyan elections postponed, warns Elforjani

War will be the “inevitable outcome” of the political vacuumed caused by possible delay of the Libyan elections on December 24, warned Libyan journalist Mahmoud Elforjani on Tuesday.

Speaking during interview with Sky News Arabia, Elforjani pointed out the Libya parliament’s issuance of presidential election law was important step towards safeguarding the elections. However, he pointed out that this step is undermined by the High Council of State and the Libyan Muslim Brotherhood.

“Unfortunately, the High Council of State, led by Khaled Al-Meshri, and other figures of the Muslim Brotherhood have been making unjustified statement against this law,” Elforjani said.

“The House of Representatives fulfilled its role, albeit extreme delay, in passing this law and handing it over to the High National Election Commission because everyone in Libya wants a political solution, not war,” he said.

“If these elections did not take place on time, no one can guarantee that war won’t break out because wars are the inevitable outcome of any political blockage,” explained the Libyan journalist.

Elforjani stated that the those who oppose the law want to specifically exclude the presidential candidncy of Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, and they would have welcomed the law if it prevented military officials from running for office.