Aqila to Williams: Solution to Libya crisis must be Libyan without foreign interference
Photo Credit To UN Adviser - Libya

Aqila to Williams: Solution to Libya crisis must be Libyan without foreign interference

The Libyan House of Representatives (HoR) Speaker, Aqila Saleh, assured the United Nations Secretary-General’s Adviser on Libya, Stephanie Williams, that the solution to the Libyan crisis must be “Libyan-Libyan” without foreign interference.

Aqila also stressed that HoR is able to work on comprehensive national reconciliation in cooperation with the Presidential Council and all parties.

On Wednesday, Aqila met with Williams in Al-Qubba, and they discussed the latest developments in Libya.

HoR spokesman, Abdullah Blehaq, stated that Aqila stressed that the current period requires the existence of a government that works for all Libyans to provide services to all citizens in Libya, without excluding or marginalizing one group or city over another.

Saleh briefed Williams on the constitutional process including the establishment of the joint 24-member experts committee to review the 2017 draft constitution, according to a statement by Williams via Twitter.

The U.N. advisor noted the need to “ensure the participation of women, youth and cultural components in the committee’s membership.”

“We also discussed the guarantees for the joint committee to deliver the amendments to the Draft Constitution on time; and ways to ensure that the two chambers reach a consensual formula within the shortest timeframe possible, to enable the holding of elections to respect the will of the 2.8 million Libyan citizens who have registered to vote,” she said.

“I took note of the Speaker’s explanation on the parliament’s mechanism to grant confidence to the new government in keeping with the procedures implemented in the March 2021 confidence vote,” Williams revealed.