Bathily, Menfi discuss holding talks with Saleh and Mishri

Bathily, Menfi discuss holding talks with Saleh and Mishri

The U.N. Special Envoy to Libya, Abdoulaye Bathily, and Chairman of the Presidential Council, Mohamed Al-Menfi, spoke on the phone on Sunday to discuss Presidential Council’s proposal to meet with the leaders of the House of Representatives and the High Council of State.

During the bilateral call, Bathily reiterated the UN’s support for “inclusive dialogue initiatives to agree on the way forward in Libya,” according to statement by the UN envoy via Twitter.

“Political actors must resume their cooperation in earnest, live up to their political and moral obligations to the Libyan people, and overcome this political deadlock,” he added.

“It has been nearly one year since elections were postponed, living conditions are deteriorating across Libya, and the people are demanding concrete action toward elections in order to choose their legitimate leaders,” Bathily concluded.

The High Council of State voted yesterday to suspend elections talks with the House of Representatives over the latter’s decision to establish a constitutional court.