U.S. State Department open to Greece-Libya energy connection

U.S. State Department open to Greece-Libya energy connection

The US is open to the possibility of an energy interconnection between Greece and Libya, a State Department spokesperson stated, according to Greek Reporter newspaper.

Asked by the Athens-Macedonian News Agency (AMNA) about the possibility of creating a pipeline that would connect Greece to Libya, the State Department spokesperson replied that it is their “long-standing belief that the development of resources in the Eastern Mediterranean should promote cooperation and provide the foundation for sustainable energy security and economic prosperity across the region.”

The US continues to support energy projects that will connect vital energy markets, such as the Eastern Mediterranean and North Africa, with Europe, and in particular electricity interconnections that help prepare for the clean energy transition that enhances energy security and sustainability, the spokesperson added.

The remarks come in the aftermath of statements made earlier this week by the chairman of Libya’s National Oil Corporation, Farhat Bengdara, who said that the country is considering the creation of two natural gas pipelines to connect with Greece and the Egyptian city of Damietta.

In October, Greece had expressed concern over a hydrocarbon deal between Turkey and Libya, saying that it may contain provisions that are based on the 2019 Turkey-Libya Memorondum that are illegal under international law.

Greece and Egypt both proclaimed the deal illegal last week, after Turkey said it had signed with Libyan authorities a memorandum of understanding on exploration for hydrocarbons in Libya’s seas.

Greece, Egypt, and Cyprus believe the 2019 agreement that the deal is based on, violates their economic rights in an area suspected to contain vast natural gas reserves.