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The Government of National Unity holds firm to its position “for the holding of free and transparent elections and for the restoration of legitimacy to the legislative and executive authorities, in accordance with fair laws,” said Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibeh.

The Prime Minister of the Government of National Unity (GUN), Abdul Hamid Dbeibeh, met with the German ambassador in Tripoli, Michael Ohnmacht, to discuss the United Nations efforts for the reconstruction of the city of Derna, partially destroyed following the passage of Storm Daniel on September 10.

The United Nations Security Council is expected to vote on a draft resolution renewing the mandate of the Panel of Experts (PoE) of the 1970 Libya Sanctions Committee and the authorization of measures contained in resolution 2146 of 19 March 2014 related to the illicit export of petroleum from Libya. The draft resolution in blue also contains several new provisions concerning the arms embargo and assets freeze measures imposed by resolution 1970 of 26 February 2011 and modified by subsequent resolutions.

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) reported that 503 illegal migrants, including 79 women and 60 children, were rescued off the coast of Libya between 8 and 14 of Octobe. Additionally, one dead body was recovered during the rescue operations.

The 6+6 Joint Committee, made up of members of the Parliament and the High Council of State, declared that the laws sent to the High National Election Commission “do not contain any fundamental changes”, but only amendments “mostly of a technical nature, linked to some clerical errors, to facilitate their implementation”.