Libyan elections talks continue for 5th day in Cairo

Libyan elections talks continue for 5th day in Cairo

The consultations between Libya’s House of Representatives and High Council of State continue for the fifth day in Cairo.

The delegates are expected to arrive by tomorrow, Friday 20 May, at “a consensual formula to reach the presidential and parliamentary elections as soon as possible,” according to U.N. Advisor on Libya, Stephanie Williams. 

However, Libyan sources told Italian news agency Nova that “a miracle is needed to get things moving”.

In the event that Williams were to be able to find an agreement on the electoral law, and in particular on the eligibility criteria for the future president of lIBYA, “the elections could be held by the end of the year”, add the sources.

The road map of the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum which established the provisional institutions in office in Tripoli, namely the Government of National Unity and the Presidential Council, will expire on 22 June. 

“It is a delicate deadline but it is political and not legal. Probably nothing significant will happen in the next few weeks, as well as on June 22nd,” the sources said.