UN adviser discuss elections with “political actors” in Tripoli
Photo Credit To UN Adviser - Libya

UN adviser discuss elections with “political actors” in Tripoli

UN Secretary General’s Adviser on Libya, Stephanie Williams, said she met Tuesday with “Libyan political actors” in Tripoli where they discussed the postponed elections that were supposed to be held on December 24.
Williams said she met with Mohamed Sawan and Nizar Kawan of the Democratic Party in Tripoli, where they discussed “the urgent need to maintain the momentum for the holding of the national elections in the shortest timeframe possible.”
“I was also briefed about the party’s vision on the way forward, building on the wide public support for elections and the demand of the 2.5 million Libyans who collected their voter identification cards in order to go to the polls,” Williams tweeted.

In another tweet, UN Adviser said, as part of her continuing consultations with Libyan political actors, she met – together with Raisedon Zenenga, UNSMIL Mission Coordinator – with representatives of the National Forces for Change, who presented their proposal for a sequenced approach to the electoral process with the holding of parliamentary elections first.

“We reiterated the need to keep the electoral process moving forward and realize the aspirations of the 2.8m Libyan citizens who registered to vote,” she added.