UN: Libyan negotiators in Cairo agree on 137 articles of constitution draft

UN: Libyan negotiators in Cairo agree on 137 articles of constitution draft

Delegates of Libya’s House of Representatives and High Council of State have reached “initial consensus” on 137 articles of the country’s constitution draft after the second round of talks in Cairo ended on Friday, announced the United Nations.

The delegates, who are part of a UN-backed Joint Committee, held “extensive consultations and positive discussions” about constitutional track over the past six days, according statement by the U.N. Advisor on Libya Stephanie Williams, which she delivered at the end of Friday session.

“I am really pleased that the Joint Committee was able to reach this initial consensus on 137 articles, and I am particularly pleased that you were able to agree on Chapter 2 on the rights and freedoms, as well as on the Chapters on legislative and judicial authority, with the exception of a handful of articles,” Williams told the delegates at the session.

“Indeed, you were able to have an initial agreement on many articles of the Draft Constitution. This demonstrates that you have shown commitment, and I strongly encourage you to continue your consultations toward reaching the final consensus on the remaining articles.”

“I also appreciate that this all is a work in progress, but in all of this, we have to keep in mind that the Libyan people are looking to this Committee with high hopes and expectations that your work will conclude and lead to a full agreement to enable the holding of national, comprehensive, and inclusive elections as soon as possible,” she added.