Tribal delegations discuss situation in Libya with UN official
Photo Credit To UNSMIL

Tribal delegations discuss situation in Libya with UN official

UN Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) Officer-in-Charge Assistant Secretary-General Raisedon Zenenga received Sunday a delegation of notables from tribes across Libya, according to UNSMIL.
The notables expressed their strong support for elections as the only solution to Libya’s political, security and economic challenges, the Mission tweeted.
They stressed the need for steps to prevent conflict, stop the flow of weapons, and achieve the withdrawal of foreign forces and mercenaries from Libyan territory, it said.
They also called for support from the UN and the international community to protect Libya’s stability and sovereignty.

“ASG Zenenga highlighted intensive United Nations efforts to secure an agreement on a constitutional framework for elections at the ongoing Cairo talks, facilitated by SASG Williams.”
He urged the notables, and the Libyan people in a broader sense, to make their voices heard to the country’s leaders and decision-makers on the need to hold elections as soon as possible, UNSMIL pointed out.
He also informed of continuing UNSMIL efforts to engage Libyan authorities to ensure all detainees receive due process and that court orders for release of detainees are implemented.