Friday, October 22, 2021

ACA Head denounce attack on the Authority HQs in Tripoli

ACA Head denounce attack on the Authority HQs in Tripoli

Head of the Administrative Control Authority (ACA), Suleiman al-Shanti, denounced storming ACA headquarters by the Authority’s Undersecretary, Khaled Dhaou, expressing his astonishment because Dhaou had undertaken his duties at ACA headquarters yesterday.

Al-Shanti had issued instructions to prevent Dhaou from entering the authority’s headquarters, which prompted the Undersecretary to attack the headquarters and try to enter by force of arms, according to press sources.

Al-Shanti confirmed the occurrence of panic and fear among the employees and residents living near ACA as a result of the attack with heavy weapons, according to ACA.

He also appealed to the competent legal authorities to arrest Khaled Dhaou for assaulting ACA and causing injury to those present during working hours, ACA said in a statement on its Facebook page.

It is noteworthy that clashes took place on Tuesday in the vicinity of ACA headquarters in Tripoli between the guards of ACA Undersecretary, Khaled Dhaou, affiliated to the “Stability Support Force”, led by AbdulGhani al-Kikli (Ghnaiwa), and the guards of ACA Head, Suleiman al-Shanti, who are affiliated to the “Joint Force” from Misrata.