NCDC recommends changing vaccination strategy in Libya

NCDC recommends changing vaccination strategy in Libya

The Libyan National Center for Disease Control (NCDC) said that the vaccination strategy needs to be changed, while the rates of COVID-19 infection in Libya varied during the past week.

On Saturday and Sunday, the official figures were close to the average number of cases last week. On Monday, the rates recorded a relative decline to less than two thousand cases, while Tuesday recorded a noticeable decline, and number of cases decreased to less than 1,400, according to NCDC data.

A report issued by NCDC last Saturday recommended continuing intensive vaccination campaigns and changing the vaccination strategy, by increasing the focus on mobile teams rather than fixed centers, in order to reach the target rate of vaccination.

The report also recommended expanding and intensifying recommendation campaigns and conducting tests, especially in the eastern and southern regions, as well as returning to precautionary measures in workplaces, shopping centers and public places, and taking legal measures to ensure compliance with them.

The report advised continuation of support filtration and isolation centers to raise the actual capacity, support the infection control program in isolation centers, and monitor the work of infection control committees by government agencies.