New DPM for Fezzan: We are committed to road map to end transitional periods

New DPM for Fezzan: We are committed to road map to end transitional periods

Deputy Prime Minister of the new Libyan government for the southern region (Fezzan), Salem al-Zadama, announced the commitment to the road map emanating from the Libyan-Libyan consensus, approved by The House of Representatives, in order to hold presidential and legislative elections on a consensual constitutional basis and to end the transitional periods.

Al-Zadma stressed, in a statement, to devote the efforts and capabilities of the Libyan government to protect the national constants represented in ensuring the unity, independence and sovereignty of Libya.

The Deputy Prime Minister stressed the strenuous work to achieve social reconciliations in southern Libya in preparation for reaching comprehensive national reconciliation on the basis of restorative justice and the tolerant principles of Islam in tolerance and reconciliation.

He also stressed the need to combat administrative and financial corruption practices in all its forms and manifestations through supervisory and disciplinary institutions, and not to tolerate violators of people’s money at home and abroad.

The Deputy Prime Minister promised to give the southern regions special importance in the budgets of development and reconstruction programs and projects on objective and scientific bases to achieve a decent standard of living.

Al-Zadma pointed out to focus on protecting the security of vital and strategic installations and natural resources in the southern region, from oil, gas, water and minerals, because they are the right of all Libyans.

He stressed the call of the southern neighbors to cooperate and coordinate with the Libyan government and its institutions in the southern region in accordance with agreements, treaties and historical ties between the peoples of the region to limit the phenomenon of illegal immigration and the serious harm it causes to national security and to strengthen joint efforts to combat terrorist activities and groups and foreign armed organizations and implement agreements related to the protection of common borders.

It is noteworthy that al-Zadma received on Tuesday the headquarters of the Cabinet Office in the city of Sebha in Fezzan.