Tunisia recovers 31 bodies of migrants from various shipwrecks

Tunisia recovers 31 bodies of migrants from various shipwrecks

Tunisian coast guards recovered a total of 31 bodies of migrants in the last few hours, including two minors, who died in various shipwrecks on the Central Mediterranean route to Europe and were “dragged by the waves” to the shore.

The “decomposing” corpses appeared on the coasts of Kerkennah, Sfax, Mahdia and Gabes, the National Guard reported Monday, in the deadliest year since 2017 for migrants embarking on this route, with more than 440 deaths recorded to date. mid April.

Since January, over 35,000 people, almost four times more than in 2022, have reached the Italian shores, for which reason the government of the far-right Giorgia Meloni decreed a state of emergency on April 11.

According to data on Monday from the UN Refugee Agency, UNHCR, the main starting points are Tunisia (19,247 migrants), followed by Libya (15,509) and Turkey (1,247).

The European Parliament advanced an emergency plan that will force the 27 members to cooperate in the event that the reception capacity of a partner country is overwhelmed by the “sudden and massive” arrival of asylum seekers and migrants and they will have one year to reform the asylum system.