Slight earthquake hits al-Marj city east of Benghazi

Slight earthquake hits al-Marj city east of Benghazi

Al-Marj, east of Benghazi, was hit on Wednesday morning by a slight earthquake, felt by most of the city’s residents.

The al-Marj local radio said the slight earthquake at 08:12 a.m. was different from its predecessors, but rather stronger, where it woke many people from their sleep.

Last Sunday, the Mayor of Al-Marj Municipality, Walid Salhoub, announced that the city was subjected to earthquakes that did not result in any damage, but he warned of the lack of services, emergency requirements, security and safety, and the weakness of the infrastructure.

Salhoub called on the Prime Minister, Abdul Hameed Dbeibeh, and the Minister of Local Government to equip an emergency room for the municipality, with all the necessary medical capabilities and supplies, in preparation for any emergency.

Dbeibeh responded to the mayor’s request, assigning the Ministry of Local Government to form an emergency room in Al-Marj, in preparation for any emergency incidents after the earthquakes.