UN Adviser calls on HoR to set new date and clear path to elections
Photo Credit To UN Adviser - Libya

UN Adviser calls on HoR to set new date and clear path to elections

UN Special Adviser on Libya, Stephanie Williams, said Sunday she met with the House of Representatives Speaker Aqila Saleh in al-Qubba ahead of tomorrow’s HoR session in which its Roadmap Committee is expected to deliver its initial report on the future of the electoral process.
Williams called for “all HoR members to attend the session, to shoulder their responsibility towards the Libyan people, and to set a new date and a clear path to the elections keeping in mind the 2.5 million Libyans who collected their voter ID cards and the timeframe laid out in the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum (LPDF) roadmap,” as she stated in a tweet.
“I stressed that the Libyan people want an end to the years-long transitional period and successive power-sharing arrangements. The solution to the legitimacy crisis plaguing all of Libya’s institutions will only be found through the ballot box,” Williams added.
“I renewed my call on all concerned parties to place their focus on the electoral process. We also discussed the need for the national reconciliation and transitional justice process to accompany the electoral process,” UN Adviser pointed out.