GNU decision to build technological city sparks row

GNU decision to build technological city sparks row

The Government of National Unity has decided to build a “technological city” in a small town in western Libya, which aims to be “a space for decision-makers, scientists, creators and innovator to embrace the outputs of higher education,” leaked documents show.

According to the leaked documents, of which The Libya Update obtained copies, the “technological city” would be built in Suani Ben Adem, a small town located in northern Tripoli. It will be funded by the government, bank loans and grants from international organization, according to the documents.

The government ordered all relevant state bodies to start working on implementing this project as of October 24.

However, the project drew criticism from Libyans on social media who questioned the location choice, particularly asking why the chosen location was a small town instead of one of the country’s major cities, including the capital of Cyrenaica Benghazi, which is a home to Libya’s first university.

Others criticized the choosing the town of Suani Ben Adem due to its close association with the Italian colonization of Libya. During WWI, the town housed many Italian military camps.

The government did not disclose the reasons behind choosing Suani Ben Adem.

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