Haftar: Whoever defeats terrorism must defeat corruption and build secure, stable state

Haftar: Whoever defeats terrorism must defeat corruption and build secure, stable state

The General Commander of the Libyan National Army (LNA), Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, addressed a speech Saturday on the 8th anniversary of the popular uprising of Operation Dignity in the neighborhoods of Benghazi on 15 October 2014, against terrorist groups.

Haftar said in a speech to the crowds participating in the anniversary, “Let me express my happiness with these joyful images where I see officers from the armed forces with their brothers from the police officers and a group of honorable civilian brothers.”

He added, “This honorable image of this joyful scene must inspire the Libyans with feelings of pride and send a strong signal that the rebellious Benghazi, which was targeted by terrorism as its operations room for its crimes, has today become the capital of security, stability, vitality and activity.”

LNA Commander saluted the heroes of Operation Dignity, and said, “A salute to the martyrs and wounded heroes of the Epic of Eternal Dignity, and to all those who fought on its side, adhered to it and provided it with support and assistance. Without those heroes, this picture would not have been captured by history.”

He continued, “We give good news to the Libyans and assure them that whoever triumphs over terrorism with faith, will, courage, sacrifice and redemption must triumph over corruption, defeat poverty and backwardness, build a secure and stable state, and create a bright present and a prosperous future.”

Today, Saturday, Al-Kish Square in Benghazi is witnessing a big celebration of the eighth anniversary of the cohesion of the Libyan people in Benghazi with their armed forces in Operation Dignity against terrorist groups.

Before the launch of Operation Dignity, Benghazi used to be a den for terrorist groups that assassinated hundreds of police and military officers and soldiers, in addition to journalists and political activists.

Dignity Operation started in May 2014, but it took LNA forces about 5 months to enter Benghazi, when it stormed the city on 15 October and controlled most of its neighborhoods with the support of the people against the terrorist groups.