Libya Elections Committee recommend restructuring executive authority
Photo Credit To HoR

Libya Elections Committee recommend restructuring executive authority

The Libyan Electoral Process Follow-up Committee issued on Monday its report to the House of Representatives (HoR) during the official session, which was attended by 127 deputies in Tobruk.

The Committee recommended restructuring the executive authority in order to achieve the requirements of stability, which the current authority has been unable to do.

The committee recommended that HoR not interfere in the rulings of the judiciary, because this is a matter of prejudice to an independent authority whose rulings are the title of the truth.

It recommended that HoR must continue as a sponsor of the political and legislative process and continue to distance itself from delving into the political dates that are determined by some parties unrealistically for the purpose of local consumption or international marketing.

The Committee said relying on a specific date for holding the elections is a repetition of the failed experiment that the Commission fought based on an unjust decision issued by the Political Dialogue Committee under the auspices of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL).

The committee also recommended, at the conclusion of its report, “the development of a realistic and applicable road map set with durations and stages, not dates and times within a constitutional framework, and the initiation of amending the draft constitution through a technical committee appointed by the HoR with fair participation of the State Council so that it rebuilds the draft constitution in a way that achieves the highest interest.”