Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Libya parliament withdraws confidence from government

Libya parliament withdraws confidence from government

Libya’s House of Representatives voted on Tuesday to withdraw confidence from the government of Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibeh during a closed-door session in Tobruk, the House spokesman Abdullah Blehaq announced in a brief statement.

A total of 89 parliament members voted in favor of the move, out of a total 113 in attendance, he said.

Dbeibeh’s government would now act as a caretaker government, Blehaq said.

This comes after the parliament agreed on Monday to form a committee to investigate the government. The committee was given a two-week deadline to present its findings.

The parliament has previously threatened to introduce a no-confidence motion against the government following a dispute over the state budget and other issues relating to national security, such as terminating military deal with Turkey and naming a defense minister.

Dbeibeh arrived in office after winning the votes of the Libyan Political Dialogue (LPDF) this year, as part of a political process sponsored by the United Nations.

As defined by the UN roadmap, his government had six-month mandate, during which it was tasked with protecting the ceasefire agreement, easing economic challenges and preparing for the presidential and parliamentary elections on December 24.