Libya records 1 COVID-19 case in a week

Libya records 1 COVID-19 case in a week

The Libyan National Center for Disease Control (NCDC) announced Saturday that the average number of positive cases recorded during the past week amounted to one case out of an average number of 148 samples.

NCDC said it received 445 samples, and after examining the samples, the average results were as follows:

The average number of samples: 148.

The average number of positive cases: 1.

The average number of recovered cases: 8.

The average number of deaths: 0.

The percentage of positive cases: 0.67%.

Thus, the general statistics of the Corona virus in Libya since the pandemic outbreak amounted to:

– Total number of cases: 501,919.

– Active cases: 4,439.

– Recovered cases: 491,050.

– Deaths: 6,430.